Tech giants join forces to support calls for US GDPR

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Apple chief executive Tim Cook’s call for the US to introduce GDPR-style legislation is gaining momentum among the technology giants, with Cisco and Microsoft the latest firms urging the US to follow in the footsteps of the European Union.
The company told the Financial Times that it wants US politicians to devise and implement their own version of the European regulation in the coming months despite criticism that the legislation is too harsh on businesses and overly broad.
Cisco’s chief legal officer Mark Chandler explained to the FT that GDPR has been successful in Europe and now is the time for the US to adopt a similar policy.
He said: “We believe that the GDPR has worked well, and that with a few differences, that is what should be brought in in the US as well.”
Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella has also given his backing to new US legislation and actually gone one further by calling for a ‘global GDPR’ to be drafted.
He said: “One of the things we do not want to do is fragment the world and increase transaction costs, because ultimately it’s going to be born in our economic figures. I hope we all come together, the Unites States and Europe first, and China. All the three regions will have to come together and set a global standard.”

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