AI triggers hiring spree as companies hunt tech experts

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Claims that the rise of artificial intelligence will lead to job losses have been dismissed by a new study which shows that more than 40% of businesses are actively recruiting new staff as a result of implementing the technology.
According to the study, carried out by Dun & Bradstreet, only 8% of respondents reported that their companies were cutting jobs. Meanwhile,  34% said job demand was staying the same regardless of AI implementation, and 18% reported AI had had no impact on their workforce at all.
Nearly half (44%) of businesses are in the process of launching AI, and one in five businesses are fully deploying AI within their organisations, with the main uses being analytics (62%), automation (52%), and data management (42%). Some 29% use the technology for improvements to back-end systems, and 23% use AI for consumer-facing chatbots, the report added.
However, implementing AI does not come without its challenges, with 46% of respondents stating that they have at least some difficulty understanding how their AI systems arrive at their conclusions. The survey found that a lack of internal expertise, as well as a lack of data, are also major issues.
Dun & Bradstreet chief data scientist Anthony Scriffignano said: “Data is the foundation upon which any technology – especially AI – can be built. If you have a faulty data foundation, you will likely have a faulty technology approach yielding faulty insights. As data continues to be produced and stored in exponentially increasing quantities, we will begin to see AI systems adapt and improve, which is inherent to the value of AI.”

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