UN extends data partnership with Qlik to help its missions

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The United Nations has extended its strategic partnership with data analytics platform Qlik to continue to deliver critical and actionable analytics insights to boost UN sustainability missions and humanitarian efforts across the world.
The partnership, initiated in 2015 and first renewed in 2017, has allowed the UN’s Office of Information & Communications Technology (OICT) to tap into Qlik’s visual analytics platform to create applications that advance the UN’s work. The new deal extends the relationship to 2020.
The programme allows OICT to clearly present and share indicators from the huge amounts of available data, identifying and tracking improvements on a wide range of barriers to population well-being.
Through the deal, OICT has built a self-service visualisation platform that enables non-IT staff in all departments and offices within the UN Secretariat to develop and publish dashboards for internal collaboration and formal/informal reporting.
To date there are more than 100 apps published and in use within the platform on topics ranging from budget tracking and procurement to gender equality, peacekeeping troop deployments, capacity development projects, global crime statistics.
Complementing the self-service dashboard, OICT has also worked with senior managers to develop standardised dashboards for reports in key administrative areas within the Secretariat.
In March 2017, OICT released a series of management dashboards used by senior management and key focal points in areas such as budget and finance, HR, ICT, procurement, travel, and real estate management. There are currently 20 management dashboards used daily to provide up-to-date and readily accessible management reports.
Qlik chief executive Mike Capone said: “Unlocking the power of the UN’s vast and varied data sources through analytics is vital in the effort to effect real and sustainable global change.
“We’re proud of our partnership and sharing in the UN’s goal of making the world a more sustainable and prosperous one. We look forward to continuing the expansion of our effort to bring essential insights to those on the front lines of global UN transformation initiatives.”

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